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Fishing Tackle products – Fly Tying Tool

Mailom se javila i firma iz Pakistana koja se bavi proizvodnjom opreme za ribolov, te alata za vezanje mušica.Mislim da će ovi podaci biti interesantniji prodavnicama ribolovne opreme jer vjerujem da su cijene koje se odnose na veće količine primamljive.
U nastavku vijesti su slike kataloga opreme, cjenovnik po kataloškim brojevima proizvoda, i kompletan mail (na engleskom) u kojem su i kontakt podaci.

Dear Sir,
We got your contact info from Internet search that your company is involved in business of Fishing Tackle products. Therefore I would like to give you brief introduction about our
company’s products as under…


PLIERS: We are offering different types of pliers like nylon line cutting pliers, stainless steel write cutting pliers, split ring pliers, crimping pliers etc.

SCISSORS: Different types of scissors for fishing like serrated blade scissors, forceps and scissors combination tool, thin and thick line cutting scissors, razor edge scissors, split ring combination scissors, Tungsten carbide tipped scissors etc.

Many other items are also available like nippers, tweezers, needle holder, hemostat forceps, Hook removing tools, bodkin, half hitch tool, bobbin hair threader, aquarium tools and other fly tying accessories.

Clothing: Top quality fishing vests, waterproof clothing for boats, waders, base layers, shirts, winter wear, gloves, t-shirts and many products.

Catalogue Pages, Samples & Prices: See attached files for your consideration and if you need samples then please let us know.

OEM Facility

We also offer OEM production for our customers. For this purpose we need full assistance like material specifications, drawings and other relevant information for manufacturing products according to customer demand.

We are already exporting our products to USA, Japan, Korea, France, Taiwan, and Singapore. We have good experience in manufacturing best quality products for world’s famous brands.

I hope all required information for a customer is given above and if still you want to ask anything then please don’t hesitate. If you are looking for a manufacturer of your own patterns/ designs you may send us your products pictures/ illustrations/ drawing for this purpose and all your designs will be kept confidential like our other customers.

Hope to get your favorable reply soon.

Best regards,
M. Umair Ayub
Eiman Corporation

Mehrwi Chowk Muhammad Pura
Sialkot 51310 Pakistan
Tel: +92 52 4580982
Fax: +92 52 4580642


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