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Re: Dosadni računari...

Postano: 01 ožu 2011, 19:02
Postao/la rusko
Moze li ti ovo sta pomoci:

This means "Your country can only view this image by logging into ImageShack"

Apparently this is some kind of new ImageShack policy, which is quite annoying to be honest. But several hours after sending them an email about this issue and searching without luck I found the "Register your domain with ImageShack" link in the homepage.

Just go here and fill all the information needed: ... reg_domain

It's important to note that this must be done by the site owner that's being affected ONLY, in order for them to review it and (most likely) verify the ownership.

Hope they fix it and remove this new policy, but for the moment this is the solution.

After several tries on google and looking through ImageShack site I found this link.

Re: Dosadni računari...

Postano: 01 ožu 2011, 19:10
Postao/la angler
Odlicno Rusko, kao sto sam i pretpostavio na kraju.
Jos ovo da pokusam pa sta mi bude :grin: